The result of ambitious craftsmanship and technological innovation, the Iris pendant light mimics a permanent iridescent soap bubble. An OLED module provides both the light source and mount. An iridescent coating, applied using a process developed specifically for Iris, creates the impression of movement and ever-changing colours. It transmits certain frequencies of light and reflects others in a range of colours which vary from a limited to very wide spectrum.

The Iris pendant has through its particular geometry the most sophisticated of colour ranges possible using this complex and extremely expensive technique.

Design: Sebastian Scherer


Grand Price Lexus Design Award 2014

Winner Interior Innovation Award 2015

Winner German Design Award 2016

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Colour effect glass : blue/orange , gold/indigo, cyan/magenta, pink/green

Material: mouth-blown glass, polished aluminium

Sizes Ø:   30 cm / 35 cm / 40 cm / 45 cm / 50 cm

Awards: Lexus Design Award 2014 and the Interior Innovation Award 2015.