The Iris Tube pendant lamp is the consistent implementation of the Iris Globe luminaire as an elongated tube luminaire. The futuristic effect created by the two light sources inside the luminaire is particularly impressive. Similar to the IRIS Globe luminaire, when switched on, a lenticular column of light appears inside the luminaire. The fascinating play of colours on the surface of the glass tube is characterised by the two complementary colours (reflection and transmission colour) and create the impression of constantly changing colours and reflections. In the colour-neutral variant silver-grey, the silver reflection dominates. The unique effect changes from almost neutral to very strong depending on brightness, viewing angle and surrounding. The uncoated variant “transparent” is the classic transparent glass tube without coloured reflections, without lens effect and the focus is on the visibility of the mirror-polished OLED module which is available in silver, gold or black. The replaceable OLED light sources produce a soft and glare-free light with high colour rendering.

Design: Sebastian Scherer, 2019

There is a manufacturer’s warranty for the offered product (see below for further information and notes on warranty!)

This product contains light sources of energy efficiency class “G”.

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Dichroic glass : blue-orange , gold-indigo, cyan-magenta, pink-green, silver-lilac

Material: mouth-blown glass, stainless steel

Sizes (L x Ø):  70 x 12 cm