Manufacturer warranty

Warranty conditions:

The manufacturer (NEOCRAFT GmbH) provides a 5-year warranty for the goods advertised
with the warranty promise. The period for the calculation of the warranty period begins with the
invoice date. The manufacturer’s warranty is geographically unlimited. If material or
manufacturing defects occur during this period, the manufacturer as guarantor grants one of the
following services of his choice within the scope of the guarantee:
▪ free repair of the goods or
▪ free of charge exchange of the goods against an equivalent item (if necessary also a
successor model, if the original item is no longer available).
Please contact the guarantor in case of warranty claims:

NeoCraft Studio GmbH
Erich-Nehlhans-Straße 17
10247 Berlin
Email address:
Phone: +49 30 8010 299 0

Warranty claims are excluded in case of damage to the goods caused by
– improper or inappropriate handling
– Environmental influences (humidity, heat, overvoltage, dust etc.)
– Non-observance of any safety precautions
– Non-compliance with the operating instructions
– Use of force (e.g. blow, push, fall)
– unauthorized repair attempts
– normal wear and tear
A claim to the guarantee service requires that the guarantor is enabled to check the guarantee
case by sending in the goods. In doing so, it must be ensured that damage during transport is
avoided by appropriate packaging.
To make a claim under the warranty, you must enclose a copy of the original invoice of the
goods shipment. We ask for your understanding that the manufacturer can refuse the warranty
service without enclosing this copy of the invoice. The sending of the invoice copy serves to
calculate the warranty period. In addition, you must provide the name and address of the seller,
unless this should be apparent from the enclosed invoice copy.
If it is a legitimate warranty claim, the warranty will be processed for you carriage paid. Any
shipping costs you may have incurred will be reimbursed by the guarantor.
Note: Your legal rights are not limited by this guarantee promise. In particular, any existing legal
warranty rights against us remain unaffected by this guarantee promise.