The “Moon” mirror is inspired by the shimmering shades of the moon. The circular mounting made of aluminum and marble holds the 7 mm thick mirror, a reminiscent of a satellite circulating its orbit. As a “coloured moon” out of colour effect glass, the object gives a fascinating colour accent to any room. The complementary colours change depending on the angle and brightness. The wall colour also has an influence on the intensity of the reflection. As a “silver moon” in the neutral mirror colour, it fulfills all the functions of a mirror. The orientation of the mirror can be freely selected.

Design: Sebastian Scherer

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Mirror: dichroic glass or translucent silver mirror (both laminated safety glass)

Colours dichroic glass : blue/orange , gold/indigo, cyan/magenta, pink/green

Mounting: aluminium black lacquered, marble Nero Marquina

ø mirror: 60 cm

ø mounting: 18 cm