Straight and purist in form, elegant in its look and feel: thin, parallel flutes of ribbed glass running peripheral give the Rho tables its timeless, classical beauty. The rhomboid cube with two open sides provide an elegant combination of visibility and blurring. A design which is wholly created from the material itself.
The tables are available in two lengths and heights out of ribbed clear glass or optional with colour effect coating which add a distinctive effect as light and colours dance from flute to flute.

Design: Sebastian Scherer,2018

There is a manufacturer’s warranty for the offered product (see below for further information and notes on warranty!)

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material:  structured glass, dichroic glass

colours dichroic glass: blue-orange, gold-indigo, cyan-magenta, pink-green, silver-lilac


Rho Square 35:   H / L / W   35 x  52 x 30 cm (edge lengths 35 cm) 

Rho Square 40:   H / L / W   40 x 60 x 35 cm (edge lengths 40 cm) 

Rho Oblong 70:  H / L / W  : 35 x  88 x 30 cm (edge lengths 35 / 70 cm)

Rho Oblong 80:  H / L / W  : 40 x 100 x 35 cm (edge lengths 40 / 80 cm)