The Osom tables are the round version of the Isom tables and can be ideally combined with each other. As with the hexagonal Isom tables, the base consists of three equally angled foot elements that form a Y when viewed from above and give the table its sculptural appearance. A special detail are the CNC-ground double mitres in the middle and the jointless gluing of the foot elements. The glass tables are available in five colours, each in clear glass and satin glass.

Design: Sebastian Scherer, 2012

There is a manufacturer’s warranty for the offered product (see below for further information and notes on warranty!)

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Clearglass: black, bronze, green, blue, multi, transparent

Satinglass (matt) : black, bronze, green, blue, multi, white

Materials:  glass

OSOM TALL 45 (øxH) : 45 x 45 cm

OSOM TALL 50 (øxH) : 50 x 50 cm

OSOM CIRCLE 70 (øxH) : 70 x 35 cm

OSOM CIRCLE 80 (LxDxH) : 80 x 40 cm

OSOM OBLONG 105 (LxDxH) : 105 x 70 x 35 cm

OSOM OBLONG 120 (LxDxH) : 120 x 80 x 40 cm